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At Dopamine Events, we are dedicated to the art of crafting extraordinary and unforgettable experiences. Our expertise lies in providing immersive soundscapes, bespoke light displays, and innovative design to elevate your events.

Safety and Insurance:

All equipment rentals are subject to a deposit and contract. The company has public liability insurance and conducts PAT testing on all equipment to ensure safety and compliance with regulations.


Dopamine Events specialises in a wide range of lighting solutions, from moving heads and beams to wash lights and waterproof up-lighters. We excel in crafting captivating visual effects with Laserworld lasers and Pangolin software.


Dopamine Events supplies Funktion One sound systems for various types of events and parties where superior amplified sound is required. Our goal is to enhance the overall experience and create memorable moments by delivering a seamless sonic performance.

Noise Prediction

Dopamine Events provides comprehensive sound assessment services, utilising advanced noise prediction software to calculate and anticipate offsite noise pollution. Our dedicated team analyses the unique requirements and budget constraints of each venue, allowing us to recommend and implement the optimal equipment tailored to your specific needs.

Equipment Rental

The company offers an extensive range of DJ equipment for rental. We can source exotic mixers and provide fast courier services. We carry a range of Funktion One speakers and rare psm318 monitors. We use FFA amplifiers with NST processors. We can facilitate multiple stage setups with amplification and processing equipment.

Mike and the Dopamine Events team really knew their stuff when it came to handling sound and lighting for our wedding. They brought the party to life with their know-how, and our big day was a blast thanks to their awesome work!
- Jeremy Hitchings

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